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Charity Bike Ride

With training still on going, it’s great to see the boys out and about doing some test rides while sporting their nice cycling jerseys. This is a great cause they are riding for to help with the fundraising for three charities.

Not only that but getting some nice support from a little known cyclist ….. oh wait ….. no ….. its only SIR Bradley Wiggins. That’s right, who needs a Yellow jersey when you know he blatantly wants one of these.

To help out with this great Cycling Challenge of cycling from Lands end to John O’Groats please make a donation using the link below to help raise funds for three great charities.

Click Here to donate

• Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
• Big Change Charitable Trust
• The Rowan’s Hospice


Stafford HC Festival and Promotional

As we enter the month of spring and start seeing the brave few people wearing shorts with one ray of sunshine, Stafford Hockey and Cricket Club are preparing for their 6th annual Beer and Hockey Festival.

This year, Lemon Fish Clothing are very pleased to be the official kit supplier for the festival. The event brings in over 18 hockey teams to play in the festival and 9 of these teams have had custom designed playing shirts for the event.

Each team selected high performance sports shirts which come in a huge array of colours and sizes. LFC have printed and designed these shirts using some effective vinyl transfers and techniques. Some teams have chosen sports vests, some plain t-shirts and some have selected a smarter and more traditional polo shirt. All kit are full polyester material which is perfect for any sporting activity. We use special polyester printing vinyl to stretch with the garment but still keep its shape and visual impact.



As well as sports shirts and kit, LFC have also designed and printed festival promotional t-shirts which are to be worn by bar staff to promote the upcoming event. These very affordable shirts look fantastic and have been printed quickly and effectively using one of our DTG printers. Promotional t-shirts are a brilliant and affordable way to get information to the public.

LFC is a not only supporting the event with printing services and designs, we have also sponsored the event which helps the running of a local, successful and popular town sports club.

If you are interested in any promotional or sportswear, Lemon Fish Clothing can help. We specialise in printing on a range of garments for events and sports teams. Get in touch with us and we will make you stand out from the rest.
01785 333340

Winter Custom Clothing – Keela Custom Clothing

Winter is fast approaching, mornings are starting to become darker and staying in bed is far to tempting. We are all beginning the chore of scraping the stubborn frost from our car windows and frantically looking for one glove as it seems to of vanished from its partner. It is also a time where we begin to notice that a lot of our clients start requesting warmer, dry and winter proof garments.

Hoodies and sweatshirts

The hoodie is a real favourite with many of us. The hoodie has become more than just a fashion statement over the last few years and has now many different varieties and styles. A lot of bars, pubs, promotional teams like using hoodies for their staff as they are comfortable and modern. Hoodies are fantastic to print on and have the ability to create a practical uniform. Printed Hoodies and sweatshirts come in many different styles, colours and materials; some with zips, some with thick hoods and some hoods have super soft feel. The humble hoodie is a favourite amongst many of us and will be for a long time yet.
Our extensive range printed hoodies start from as little as £12. Follow our links to get your Quote now.

B&C Red Sweatshirt - Squeeze Box FRONT mock up front 1


We all have a favourite hat, the one we spend hours looking for as winter approaches. It could be a basic beanie hat or a warm, custom Sherpa hat. Lemon Fish Clothing has a great range of winter accessories that can suite anybody. All hats are available to be fully customised if desired. follow our links to recieve a quote now.

Keela Outdoor wear

We can now provide custom printed Keela outdoor wear. All of the Keela range which include their popular Monroe jacket, are available to Lemon Fish Clothing and all of our clients. Keela have some of the most modern, comfortable and technological advanced jackets available. They use a new dual protection layer that prevents warmth from escaping the body and jacket. Very ideal for the cold winter that approaches. We are very pleased to be able to offer a big outdoor name to our ever growing catalogue. Follow our links to receive a quote for Keela jackets now.


Stafford Promotional Clothing

As you may know it’s extremely important to get your name out and about the local area. Companies invest a lot of money and interest in having their name on show for all to see.
One of the most popular ways is to have items of clothing is promotional t-shirts, filled with information, offers or company details. The promotional t-shirt is picked 31% of the time to promote events, businesses or products, followed closely by mugs and bags.

Recently we have worked with several local groups and businesses in producing promotional t-shirts to either see or advertise their event. Below are small selection of individual groups and businesses we have worked with.

Stafford District and Operatic Society
Just recently, The Stafford Operatic Society production of Guys and Dolls was held at the Gatehouse Theatre in Stafford. The society got in contact with us and asked if it was possible to print and a design onto a black t-shirt to use as a promotional tool. We obviously could and printed close to 50 t-shirt (front and back) within the week.

The Swan, Stafford
The Swan Hotel, Stafford was in need of some uniforms for their staff to wear during their popular beer festival. Lemon Fish Clothing managed to have these uniforms printed and dispatched within 2 days of receiving the order. We have also worked with The Swan in producing other promotional t-shirts for their popular evening events.

Stafford Art Festival, Stafford Town Centre Partnership
Towards the end of this summer, STCP got in contact and required 30+ promotional t-shirts for the town’s popular event. The t-shirts were used to advertise and promote the festival. Each promotional t-shirt was printed on the front and on the back.

Stafford promotional t shirts are a great tool to use to sell, promote, inform and advertise your business event or product. For a quick free quote get in touch with us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Also check out our Facebook page, which includes some of the work we have printed for our customers.

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