Custom Printed Nalgene Water Bottles

Lemon fish clothing are now able to offer our customers in the UK custom printed nalgene water bottles, we’ve had several requests for these over the last 12 months and this service has only just become available to us from Nalgene in the UK and we are very proud to be able to offer this as a product.

Nalgene water bottles bottles have become one of the essentials on camping and hiking trips. The bright, large and durable water containers seem to be perfect for nearly every outdoor adventurer. Picking a Nalgene is just as fun, the various colours, sizes and lid combinations are in the thousands. Having the same Nalgene as your mate or other adventurer is unlikely but these water bottles are now available for custom printing. This means club badges, company logos, slogans and pictures can make your Nalgene as unique as it can be.

These bottles are not just ideal for outdoor goers; they would be perfect for gyms, clubs, shops or club merchandise and as a promotional tool and with nalgene’s background from the scientific industry these are made from very high quality BPF free plastics.

Printed Nalgene Water Bottles

You may think “It’s only a water bottle! Who’s going to be interested?

The colours of any of these bottles were visually stunning, especially when they were all stacked up, showing off their printed logos. It was incredibly difficult not to notice the array of colours and shapes and shimmering metallic catching the light. You couldn’t help thinking that they would benefit companies out there that are not only in the outdoor / adventure market but also in promotional and sport. These water bottles/containers had so many different colour, sizes, lid and shape combinations it’s a perfect product to look into that is unique to you.

So if you would like to order a batch of bespoke nelgene water bottles for your company, club or organisation then please give us a call or send us a email.