What is the minimum order?
Unlike most printing websites, we can produce as little as 1 garment, however the price per garment significantly changes past 10 units and we would love to save you money if and when possible.

How expensive could my order be?
Each order is treated differently and we strive to make your order look the best it can be. To do this we need to work out which printing method is best suited for your idea, which garments you intend to use and your order size. Use our easy to follow quote request page so we can work it out for you.

Do you have setup charges?
We do charge a one-time setup fee for any order under 25 units (30 for embroidery). However, any order of 25 or above is absolutely free and no setup fee is charged. Once your design is in our secure library, you won’t need to pay for setup again.

Can I have my garments packaged separately?
Yes! We can individually pack your garments in plastic sleeves with labels at a small additional cost. However, you can always save the pennies and the environment by having them bulk packed. Completely up to you.

Can we make a mixed order of different colours, sizes and garment?
Of course! We understand not everybody is the same, some prefer different colours and are different sizes and some might just want a tighter fitted t-shirt than others. If the design is the same it shouldn’t be problem. Just remember, different garments have different prices.

Are the garments good quality? Are they brands we can rely on?
We have a huge range of products from reliable brands. Most of our products have a budget and premium range to suit all needs but ALL of our products are good quality and are picked especially for print purposes.

We would like to use our design and colour scheme for our corporate image? Can we do this?
Absolutely! We aim to create the best garments for you and to advertise your business. If you are struggling to think of ideas of how to get your image across, we can help you select the right garments and the correct printing methods. We work hard to get your ideas onto the garments of your choice.

How do I know if my design will look good before it is produced?
We don’t like making mistakes just as much as the next person. Our team of designers make sure each design is the best quality it can be before it is sent to print. A digital mock-up of the design will also be sent to you, based on the garment and colours you have picked, for your approval before it gets sent to print. Even during production your order will be checked for quality to make sure every garment is the same. This way mistakes are reduced and you can have peace of mind that your order is in safe hands.

Can I pick the font if I’m having text printed?
Of course! We will even let you choose the colour.

If it is original YES!! Unfortunately we cannot print any trademarked design. This normally includes TV characters, film logos and pictures e.g. Disney, Warner Bros, games characters or existing brands etc
Being sent a high resolution design helps our designers massively. If the design resolution is too low it can give our poor designers huge headaches and lots of time being wasted. We may ask for a different image if it is unusable.

I’ve found a product I like, but I’m not sure about the colour or fit?
Simple! We have all the colours online and size charts to check against on our website. These are all standard UK sizes. If you are still not sure then we can send you a sample of the product on a sale or return basis.

How do I make a repeat order?
Making a repeat order is simple. Just get in contact with us and we will gladly help you with your request. Making a repeat order usually cuts down on setup time and may save pennies in your pocket.