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Winter Custom Clothing – Keela Custom Clothing

Winter is fast approaching, mornings are starting to become darker and staying in bed is far to tempting. We are all beginning the chore of scraping the stubborn frost from our car windows and frantically looking for one glove as it seems to of vanished from its partner. It is also a time where we begin to notice that a lot of our clients start requesting warmer, dry and winter proof garments.

Hoodies and sweatshirts

The hoodie is a real favourite with many of us. The hoodie has become more than just a fashion statement over the last few years and has now many different varieties and styles. A lot of bars, pubs, promotional teams like using hoodies for their staff as they are comfortable and modern. Hoodies are fantastic to print on and have the ability to create a practical uniform. Printed Hoodies and sweatshirts come in many different styles, colours and materials; some with zips, some with thick hoods and some hoods have super soft feel. The humble hoodie is a favourite amongst many of us and will be for a long time yet.
Our extensive range printed hoodies start from as little as £12. Follow our links to get your Quote now.

B&C Red Sweatshirt - Squeeze Box FRONT mock up front 1


We all have a favourite hat, the one we spend hours looking for as winter approaches. It could be a basic beanie hat or a warm, custom Sherpa hat. Lemon Fish Clothing has a great range of winter accessories that can suite anybody. All hats are available to be fully customised if desired. follow our links to recieve a quote now.

Keela Outdoor wear

We can now provide custom printed Keela outdoor wear. All of the Keela range which include their popular Monroe jacket, are available to Lemon Fish Clothing and all of our clients. Keela have some of the most modern, comfortable and technological advanced jackets available. They use a new dual protection layer that prevents warmth from escaping the body and jacket. Very ideal for the cold winter that approaches. We are very pleased to be able to offer a big outdoor name to our ever growing catalogue. Follow our links to receive a quote for Keela jackets now.